Web Security

Is your web site secure? This is a question you should be asking yourself and if you can't answer with a definitive yes, you need to take some action.

Hackers are highly organized people working with sophisticated equipment with one goal in mind and that is to deliver malicious attacks on computer servers. Whilst we will do everything we can to protect our customers sites, it has to be realized that we are dealing with a major problem and one which even some of the biggest companies in the world can??t stop, so we can??t make any guarantees.


There are a number of measures that can be undertalen to protect a web site although every site is different. At Solutions 4 Biz we have come up with a security checklist that allows us to check the vulnerability of a web site and protect against possible hacks.

These extra measures are a pro-active response to try and make it more difficult for attacks to occur by denying access to a range of files that make up a web site. Whilst this action cannot guarantee the web sites will not be targeted again, we do believe it will substantially reduce the risk to web sites.

For more information about security on your web site, please contact us