What is Google Adwords?



Google Adwords is a form of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising which is offered by the search engine Google. Google allows businesses to advertise their products and services on the web and these ads appear when people search using Google.

How does Google Adwords work?


Businesses set up a Google Adwords account and then create ads for their products or services. Each ad is associated with a set of ??key words?? which are selected by the business. When someone does a search for one of these ??key words?? the Ad will appear in the search results. If the person doing the search clicks on your ad, Google charges you a fee, that is why it is called Par Per Click. If they don??t click on you ad, you don’t pay anything at all.

How much does it cost to run Google Adwords?

This is the best part. You can pay as much or as little as you like. You can choose to pay 20c per click, $1 per click, or $25 per click, in fact any amount you want. You can also set a daily budget, so you will never pay more than that amount. For example if you pay $1 per click and you have a daily budget of $5 per day, you will receive 5 clicks per day. You can also start, stop or adjust your budget at any time.

What sort of results can I get using Google Adwords?

If you want to be on Page 1 of Google, you can with Google Adwords, you just need to be prepared to pay more than your competitors. It is a competitive process so other businesses are bidding to get results on keywords as well.

How do I get started using Google Adwords?

Setting up a Google Adwords account can be complicated, but Solutions 4 Biz can help you. We are a Google Partner and have Certified Adwords Staff available to assist in setting up your account. We also offer every new account $100 worth of Free* Google Adwords advertising.

So why should I use Google Adwords for my business?

  • Get your web site found easily on the world’s biggest search engine, Google.
  • Get page 1 results if you want to
  • Only pay when someone clicks on your ad (otherwise you pay nothing)
  • You can decide how much you Pay Per Click
  • You can set your daily budget and change it any time you want to
  • You will get $100 worth of Free* Google Adwords advertising when you set up a new account with Solutions 4 Biz

Do you already have a Google Adwords Account ?

If you already have an Adwords account, we can still help you.

  • Would you like a better (CTR) Click Through Rate ?
  • Would you like a lower (CPC) Cost Per Click ?
  • Would you like your ad to appear in a higher average position?
  • Do you want an improved Quality Score ?
  • Would you like more effective keywords ?
  • Do you want more conversions ?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we may be able to help.

We will give you a FREE 30 minute audit for your Adwords account including some tips for optimising your account. If you like, we can even do the audit live with you and share valuable information about your Adwords account.

So what are you waiting for?

Fill in our Inquiry form and we can get started getting more traffic to your web site today.

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*Conditions apply

No doubt you have heard of SEO, but you may not be sure what it is, or what it does. Well put simply, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation helps your web site get found more easily in Google Searches.

So why does it sound so complicated and why do you have to pay so much to get it done? Well it doesn't have to be complicated and you shouldn't have to pay thousands of dollars to get your web site optoimised.

Now we won't bother boring you with all the technical details, BUT we will tell you what we can do for you.

We use sophisiticated software to analyse your web site and create a professional report which is simple to read and understand. It will show you what you need to do to improve your web sites Search Engine Results and then if you like, we can help you fix it.

Some SEO companies charge thousands of dollars just to analyse your web site before they even start work on it. When they start work on your web site they can then charge thousands of dollars every month for a year and not even tell you what you are paying for.

At Solutions 4 Biz, we do things differently. We will send you a comprehensive report about your web site, showing what needs doing and what you have already done well. We won't charge you for anything you don't need and we will keep you up to date as we go.

The analysis of your site and the report costs just $199, but we are so sure that you will see the value in the report, that if you are not entirely happy with the report, we will give you a full refund!

Request your Web Site Optimisation Report now. 

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Solutions 4 Biz take a holistic approach to Web Site Optimisation (WSO). Unlike some companies offering just Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) we take into account other areas that affect your web site rankings and performance such as the time your home page takes to load. (Page load speed)

This approach is based on Google’s requirements so it lays a sound foundation for your general web site performance as well as your search engine results. We do not try to trick Google into believing your site should be ranked well, because while this can produce short term gains, when Google catches up with you, your web site will be punished and demoted in search results and it can take a lot of time and money to fix.

We use sophisticated software to analysis your web site and provide you with a comprehensive report covering the following areas

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    • Page Rank
    • Keyword consistency
    • Page indexing
    • Robot and Sitemap files
    • Use of frames and Flash
    • Internal page analysis and linking
    • Image Attributes
    • URL checking
    • IP and WWW resolve
  2. Usability
    • Page Load Speed time
    • Spam Blocking
    • Phishing and Malware scanning
    • W3C Validity
    • IP Location
  3. Technology
    • Server load times
    • Encoding
    • Server Signature
  4. Responsive Design
    • Mobile compatibility
    • Tablet compatibility
    • Mobile Load Time
    • Mobile Optimisation
  5. Social
    • Shareability
    • Google Accounts
    • Other Social Platforms

Your Web Site Optimisation analysis is provided to you in a comprehensive written report. We will score your web site out of 100 and we will highlights the areas of your web site where it is performing well and those areas where improvements can be made. It also details what needs to be done, so you can follow the actions to improve your web site performance.

Once you receive the report, you can either give it to your web design team to take action, or you can engage us to improve your web site performance for you, either way, you will have a list of what needs to be done.

Once you have optimized your web site, we can also conduct advanced reviews of your sites, using Google Analtyics and comparing your web site to your competitors. The advanced review can only be done after an initial review and optimisation has been completed.

The investment for this review is just $199, but we are so sure that you will see the value in the report, that if you are not entirely happy with the report, we will give you a full refund!

So what have you got to lose? Request your Web Site Optimisation Report now

Conversion Marketing is a very specific and targeted method of online marketing which revolves around increased the amount of conversions, goals, sales, inquires or any other measurable action on a web site. Conversion Marketing uses statistical and analytical data to track and improve the way a web site user moves through a web site. Practical examples including getting more sales in an online shop, getting more inquires through a web form, gaining more subscribers to an email list, or getting people to sign up for a product or service.

We use a range of highly sophisticated tools to develop the best conversion marketing strategy for your business. These include;

  1. Google Adwords
  2. Remarketing techniques
  3. Conversion Rate Optimisation
  4. Social Media advertising
  5. Banner, Display and Pay Per Click advertising
  6. Landing page design and optimisation

Contact our Conversion Marketing specialist to discuss a conversion marketing strategy for your business. You can also read more about Conversion Marketing here.

Content Marketing is a key aspect of any online marketing strategy. There are 2 major benefits to a content marketing strategy, the first is to your customers and the second is the SEO benefits it provides to your web site. We can create a content marketing strategy for your business including;

  1. Content creation including copy writing and image sourcing
  2. Video content creation and marketing including YouTube
  3. Content curation including blogging, email and social media
  4. Email Marketing? preparation, implementation and management

If your company doesn't have a good content marketing strategy already, now is the time to start thinking about one. Contact us to discuss a content marketing strategy for your business.

Mobile marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing options around. Smart phones are already out selling PC's and by the end of next year, more people will be accessing the internet via a smart phone than via a PC. The bottom line is if your web site is not optimised to suit veiwing on a mobile device, you could be missing  out on 50% of your customers.


We can develop templates for your (Joomla) web site so that your site displays properly for Iphones, Smart Phones, PDA's and Ipads.  We can also advise you on how you can promote your site and products through other mobile platforms such as;


  • Mobile App development
  • Mobile advertising on Google Adwords
  • Mobile App advertising

Contact us for more information

It is quite clear that social media now plays a big part of a business??s interaction with their customers. There are an ever increasing number of ways to interact, but the main players in the social media arena are Facebook, Twitter You Tube and Blog sites. With over 1 billion active Facebook users, the Social Media platform is too big for any business to ignore. Below are 10 reasons for using Social Media Marketing;

  1. Share information quickly and efficiently
  2. Attract new customers from areas you might not previously been able to access
  3. Access information relevant to your business
  4. Keep your businesses name in front of your customers
  5. Keep up with competitors and see what they are doing
  6. Grow your network of customers and business colleague
  7. Gain feedback from your customers and suppliers
  8. Increase your profile as an ??expert?? in your area of business
  9. Let your staff interact and contribute to your business
  10. Respond quickly to strategies that are not working

There are many more reasons for using Social Media including improved search engine rankings, more web traffic and being a very cost effective marketing tool, so you can't really afford to ignore it.

At Solutions 4 Biz we can assist you with all of your Social Media Marketing including;

  • Set up and use of all social platforms
  • Social media marketing implementation
  • Social media integration and automation
  • Competition creative and implementation


For more information please contact us

Email marketing is a great way to target your clients with special offers delivered directly to their inbox. Not only is it highly targeted it is inexpensive and you will be able to measure your Return On Investment (ROI) down to the last cent. With email marketing you will be able to make your advertising dollars go a lot further.


To get the most of your email marketing program you will need an Email Management Software Program. We use a comprehensive web based program that will allow you to

  • Have customers automatically subscribe to your newsletter
  • Automatically manage email bounces and unsubscribes
  • Create and send professional looking emails
  • Monitor your results and view reports

To help get you started with your email marketing we offer the following Starter Package which includes

  • Set up of your email manager account
  • Import of your clients email list
  • Design of a template for your companies emails
  • Installation of a "subscribe" module on your web site
  • 1 hours online training in using the software

Contact us for more information.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a way to make web sites more easily found in search engines like Google. Search engines use complex algorithms to rank web sites and deliver search results based on what a person types into a search engine.

There are many various SEO techniques that can produce results but some of these can also have negative effects on your web site. At Solutions 4 Biz we only use white hat techniques that are proven to work.

We focus on On-Site optimisation which delivers strong and trustworthy results over the long term. Our methods including keyword planning, site architecture, heading and image tagging.

We use the full suite of Google's tools including Analytics, Web Master Tools and other Google accounts including Map, Places and Goggle +.

Our SEO consultant can assess your web site and create a customised SEO plan for your business.

Contact us for SEO Health Check for your web site.