Alpsport Testimonial

It’s been a great move turning our SEO and SEM to Solutions 4 Biz.  Originally we were with a larger corporate company but found that communication was poor or non-existent. Once things had been set in place that’s the last you heard from them. Contracts were oppressive and expensive to get out of.

What we needed was a complete solution for all our web based business activities including social media, email marketing, SEO and Google Adwords. But these tasks are just the tip of the iceberg and mean nothing without the essential ingredient of communication. As the platform of web based business is constantly changing it becomes a chess game of trying for the best results and optimising the outcome. Realizing that there is no complete solution and that vigilance and monitoring is the key we needed to engage a consultant that was prepared to change and adapt on a regular basis as the market or the season changed.
Solutions for Biz work with us and advise us as we brake new trails and reach a better understanding of what we once saw as an oppressive mystical grey cloud called the internet. Understanding what the realities of digital business are in this modern age is half the battle.

Solutions 4 Biz give us that understanding and confidence to move forward.  Thank you Nigel

John Klobusiak

Acora Testimonial

Hi Nigel,

I just wanted to take the time to let you know how pleased I am with the work you have carried out for us.

We started of course, using your services for updating our website, it had become old and tired and was not being updated, so our request was to have something new and fresh, yet also have the ability to be able update this using our own staff as required. This required training of our own staff to be able to do this and now we have been at this for some time I am delighted to say that it is working really well and I appreciate the way you are always available for June to answer any questions she has had about keeping our website up to date as well as the way you are always on the lookout for ideas and information to assist our business and pass these on to me.

As I travel a lot, is has been great to simply click on our website in a client meeting and have them see some of the latest work we have done and systems we can offer, we have even had several strong enquiries from overseas markets in the last month.

We then progressed to having you assist in our strategic marketing plan, by you firstly preparing this plan and then presenting it to us to critique as a group - this has been a really important process to get our whole team to buy into the plan and thus work on it as 'work in progress' because as I stated to you early in the piece, I'd seen these strategic plans get prepared only to gather dust in the draw as the enthusiasm to implement it slowly fades. So the ability to have you in a mentoring role, to ensure we regularly meet to assess our development of the plan and give consistent feedback on what works well and what needs refining.

I think you would agree we have all worked well as a team, the regular meetings to look at not just strategic marketing issues but things like internal restructuring of roles would not have occurred unless we had you as the external facilitator. The development goes on with enthusiasm and we look forward to going from strength to strength with your ongoing assistance.
Well done Nigel.

Roger Timms
Managing Director

SWMI Testimonial

Solutions 4 Biz has been involved with my business for nearly 3 years, and in that time we have made considerable progress improving our business.


Our first contact with Nigel was to revitalize our web site. We were very pleased with the result and this prompted us to look at what else Solution 4 Biz had to offer.

Initial assessment of the business (The Business Health Check) was the first step. This report provided critical information we would have not otherwise been aware of.

Weekly mentoring meetings involve;

  • Full participation of all staff.
  • Future planning & a clear path to achieve success
  • Allocation of responsibilities divided between staff members
  • Staff members report back at weekly meetings of their progress for the purpose of signing off or problem solving to enable future sign off.
  • Transcript of each meeting emailed within a couple of hours each meeting so all staff have a clear understanding of what  their task is for the following week
  • Goal setting for future development and time line identified and set.
  • Weekly monitoring and accountability for allocated tasks.

I find having an unbiased opinion from an outside source helps us to keep a good perspective on what our customers want and what our business needs

We have implemented Solutions 4 Biz initiatives and found them to be extremely beneficial to our business. This we believe is largely due to Nigel's experience over a wide range of topics pertaining to any successful business.

One of the key benefits we have experienced was to renegotiate a price rise from a valued long term client. This was bought to our attention by Nigel and he gave us the confidence to approach the client, which resulted in a successful outcome

Through our experience we can highly recommend Solutions 4 Biz to improve your business.

Stephen Taylor
Sapphire Waters Motor Inn - Merimbula